What’s in Store for 2024

ProxyTwin - What’s in Store for 2024

December 12, 2023

As the temperature soars and the beer chills, with the Christmas party season well and truly upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on a pivotal year for ProxyTwin and look forward to what comes next.

While 2021 was about building and refining the ProxyTwin MVP, 2022 was about rolling out ProxyTwins for high profile individuals in public life. National leaders like Nick Coastsworth (the Chief Medical Officer during Covid) and corporate leaders such as Dr Rob Joyce (the CTO of Nokia) commissioned their own ProxyTwins for commercial use, bringing in ProxyTwin’s first revenue streams.

2023 however saw the beginning of Phase 2 in the ProxyTwin masterplan. Scaling ProxyTwin for both mass market private individuals and also enterprise grade solutions for businesses.

ProxyTwin CEO Mark Dando, being invited to speak at the inaugural Sydney version of SXSW, the leading U.S. Tech conference, gave ProxyTwin the perfect opportunity for a public launch, garnering intense interest in the innovation start-up hub from the public and corporates alike over the 5 days.

Next was the launch of our first seed funding round, at Wholesale Investor’s ‘Future Disrupted’ Event. With the aim of raising $1.5m to expedite the enterprise grade version of the ProxyTwin platform, enquiries for at least half of this from private investors have already been received within days of the raise launch. 

Most interesting about these first public outings for ProxyTwin was the huge number and variety of use cases both individuals and businesses could imagine for ProxyTwin. The opportunities in 2024 are vast and the value of the markets ProxyTwin is poised to enter are in the multiples of billions. Here are some ways ProxyTwin will be used in the next phase of development:

1. Virtual influencers and brand ambassadors:

Digital twins can be leveraged as virtual influencers or brand ambassadors. Companies can utilise these online replicas of real people to promote products and services, reaching a global audience without the constraints of physical presence. This opens up new avenues for marketing and endorsements in the digital realm.

2. Personalized customer service representatives:

Creating digital twins of real customer service representatives can enhance online customer interactions. These virtual replicas can handle routine queries, provide product information, and offer personalised assistance. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows businesses to scale their customer support operations efficiently.

3. Customised learning and development:

Interactive ProxyTwins of educators will replace 'static' video lessons with a compelling and engaging interactive educational experience. With this innovative approach, students can actively participate, asking real-time questions to their ProxyTwin tutors, resulting in a truly personalised and immersive learning adventure. Education is no longer passive; it's a vibrant exchange tailored to individual needs and curiosity.

4. Virtual tour guides for travel and real estate:

In the travel and real estate industries, digital twins can be employed as virtual tour guides. Prospective travellers or homebuyers can explore destinations or properties through these online replicas, gaining a realistic and immersive experience before making decisions. This adds a new dimension to virtual tours and enhances decision-making processes.

In the travel and hospitality sector, businesses can leverage human digital twins to enhance the overall guest experience. From personalised room preferences to curated travel itineraries based on individual interests, digital twins enable businesses to create tailored offerings that cater to the unique preferences of each guest, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty

5.  Entertainment and content creation:

Digital twins of individuals, especially those in the entertainment industry, can be used to extend their presence in various media. From virtual concerts and performances to conversations with fans, these replicas can generate income and entertain audiences on digital platforms, diversifying revenue streams for artists and entertainers.

The fusion of human digital twins with commercial applications represents a frontier of innovation, where businesses can harness the power of data and technology to optimise various aspects of their operations. From employee well-being and customer experiences to talent management and security, the uses of human digital twins in the commercial realm are diverse and promising. As businesses continue to embrace this technology, we can anticipate a future where the integration of digital twins becomes integral to optimising processes and delivering exceptional value in a variety of industries.

For ProxyTwin, 2024 is going to be massive!

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