ProxyTwin CEO Delivers Keynote at Emergence 2024

CEO Mark Dando Delivers Keynote Address at Emergence Conference 2024

March 16, 2024

ProxyTwin CEO Mark Dando delivered a keynote presentation at the premier investment conference, Emergence 2024.

The highly anticipated flagship event welcomed a host of industry leaders, seasoned investors, and innovative startups across two busy days in Sydney between February 28-29.

The conference highlighted the rapid transformation the innovation space is about to undergo, with a focus on AI. Mark outlined the vision of ProxyTwin for Australia's investment community and shared why we will all have a digital twin in the near future.

We all need more time to get everything done. The greatest growth in that demand on us is digital growth. It used to just be a bit of email. Now it’s email, five messaging apps, zoom calls, the research we need to do - the list seems endless... This is all about saving you time to be able to do things that are most important to you.

- ProxyTwin CEO Mark Dando

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