ProxyTwin Launch Makes the News

ProxyTwin U.S. Launch Makes the News

March 14, 2024

ProxyTwin U.S. launch makes the News.

More than 7,000 CEOs and industry leaders from the U.S. had the chance to have their first interaction with a ProxyTwin at the Pacific Telecoms Council’s annual conference in Hawaii.

The first U.S. ProxyTwin caused quite a stir at the prestigious Telecoms leadership event and was even picked up by a U.S. television news channel and broadcast to the nation.

"The reaction to the U.S. launch of ProxyTwin has been remarkable on every level." said CEO Mark Dando.

The U.S. launch has attracted the attention of new US based clients, from both the corporate and political worlds. The high profile launch also attracted investors from Silicon Valley, New York and from across the globe as German investment advisory firm Di4, excited by the new opportunities that ProxyTwin creates, released a video to promote ProxyTwin to their European clients and colleagues.

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