Dr Rob Joyce
CTO Nokia Ocenia
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Rob is the CTO of Nokia Oceania and a passionate advocate for the future of 5G technology. He is one of the key people behind Nokia's 5G Futures Lab at UTS Tech Lab in Sydney - a state-of-the-art innovation facility opened in 2021 in partnership with UTS.

If you'd like to find out more about the Lab and what it will be used for, or more generally about 5G then Rob is the guy to speak to.

Rob's ProxyTwin is available to help answer all your questions even if the real Rob isn't available to chat.

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As a digital twin I'm personally also really excited about this project.

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Push the boundaries of 5G technology and develop new 5G use cases for consumers and industry.

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Glad that’s all over, now how do I get to the pub from here?

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