Mark Dando
ProxyTwin Co-founder
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Mark's ProxyTwin will tell you more about the ProxyTwin service and how it can help you reach more people and free up your time.

Mark is CEO and co-founder of ProxyTwin and other media ventures. He volunteers his time to mentor not-for-profits through a special start-up incubator called Seed.

Mark's experience helping boards and executive teams made him aware of a common problem: Time. Or the lack of it! We often hear people say they need to be in two places at once,

This ProxyTwin will share how true leaders are using the service to reach more audiences and free up more time to spend on the important things in life.

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It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.

Steve Jobs

Time is the ultimate currency.

Elon Musk

I wish there were two of me and 48hour days so I could get everything done.

Jessica Alba
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